Every Story Whispers His Name

I hope you all have a restful weekend. Just to give you some words of encouragement, I give you a little snippet of Martin Luther’s Preface to the New Testament:

“When David defeated the giant, Goliath, there was a great shout, and an encouraging message was passed around among the Jews to say that their terrible enemy had been killed, and that they were free to enjoy liberty and peace; thereupon they sang and danced and made merry. Similarly, God’s evangel, the New Testament, is a good piece of news, a war-cry. It was echoed throughout the world by the apostles. They proclaimed a true David who had done combat with, and gained the victory over, sin, death and the devil. In so doing, He had taken all who were enchained by sin, threatened by death and over powered by the devil. Though they had merited no rewards, He redeemed them, justified them, gave them life and salvation, and so brought them peace and led them back home to God. For these reasons, they sing thanks and praises to God, and they will ever continue to be happy if they remain firm in faith.” – Martin Luther (Preface to the New Testament)

This quote from Martin Luther directly connects David’s defeat over Goliath with Christ’s defeat of sin, death and the devil on the cross. I love how each and every story in the Old Testament points to Jesus. In the words of Sally Lloyd Jones, “Every story whispers His name.” As you read His word, remember that Christ is first and foremost the subject. We are but mere actors in a play that He created, Directed and Finished. Repent and believe the Good News!

Grace and peace!


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