Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Lutheran Anglican Blog. I have a passion for theology and the proclamation of the Good News – that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I consider myself an Classical Anglican who loves Lutheran theology, hence the name Lutheran Anglican. In this blog, I will post quotes and books that have inspired me on my journey into Anglicanism. Please note that some of the things I post may not have direct connections to the Lutheran or Anglican churches, but something I feel will be relevant in our Christian walk. But first, here’s some informtion about me:

My name is Matt Kroelinger, and I currently reside in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. I began in the Christian faith as a Charismatic/Evangelical over ten years ago. I still love many people involved in that movement, and I appreciate the fact that they helped instill the love of the scriptures in me. But as many of you know, the Charismatic movement is very heavy on sanctification (non-sinning/good works), many times at the expense of preaching Christ and Him crucificed. It was this very atmosphere that helped contibute to my anxiety. Over a span of several years, I started questioning whether or not I was saved. No matter how hard I tried, I seemed to always fall short of God’s standards. Each Sunday I was told to “be perfect, as your heavenly father is perfect,” and each week I failed. Eventually I left the Christian faith altogether, convinced that God either didn’t exist, or that He didn’t love me because of my failures.

Leaving the Christian faith also didn’t help me or relieve my anxieties. I continually questioned life and what my place was in the universe. And I still had that nagging pulling on my heart that something wasn’t right. After several personal issues, I ended up getting clinically diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If anything, that was another devastating diagnosis because I had to admit that I really was a failure. I had to take medicine in order to help resolve many of these issues, which was also devastating for me. It wasn’t until one day that my good friend came up to me and told me that Jesus didn’t just love those who were put together, He specifically loves me. Not me when I was at my best. Not me when I was put together. But he loved Matt Kroelinger – the guy with anxiety and OCD. The same Matt Kroelinger that had to take medicine in order to cope with his illness. The same Matt Kroelinger who felt like he could never measure up. I wasn’t just told that God died for me, but also lived a perfect and righteous life for me as well. And in doing this, He credited the life and death to me. He bore my dirt, stains and sins on the cross, and in turn clothed me with His robe of righteousness. When I heard that message, I got off the performance treadmill, and began a life of true freedom.

It was the most freeing experience I have ever been through. And ever since that day I have been obsessed (go figure for a guy with OCD) with getting to know that God who loved me in this way: that he would rather die, than live without me. And the Good News for you is the same. God loves you in such a way, that He would rather die than live without you. He died for you, sins and all. He died for you when you were at your worst. And that my friends is good news!

– Matt Kroelinger

To sum up this blog in one statement: “The Cross Alone Is Our Theology”


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