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Ashley Null is one of the greatest contemporary writers of the Anglican Church and it’s history. His best work is Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of repentance: Renewing the Power to Love. He is a scholar of the English Reformation, and holds degrees from Yale and the University of Cambridge.


“For Thomas Cranmer, the human heart was both the heart of the human problem and the heart of all hope for human beings. As the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, Cranmer understood that we follow “too much the devises and desires of our own hearts” and as a result “there is no health in us.” Yet, he also believed that “if the profession of our faith of the remission of our own sins enter within us into the deepness of our hearts, then it must kindle a warm fire of love in our hearts towards God.” – Ashley Null (Introduction to Trust in an Age of Arrogance)

“Human self-centeredness will always seek to make religion the ultimate sanction by which to prove ourselves better than other people. And human reason will always seek to rewrite God’s revelation so as to gloss over rather than illuminate our own destructive impulses.” – Ashley Null

“The heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not what we have to do to please God, for all we do remains tarred by self. Rather, the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what God has been pleased to do for us. Humanity finds peace only with God and power for new life in the cross of Christ. For only God’s unconditional love shown there can birth grateful love in our hearts, and only love is stronger than sin.” – Ashley Null

“Although it’s common among Anglicans to speak of the three-legged stool of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason, in which each leg is equal, it is far more accurate to speak of Scripture as a garden bed in which reason and tradition are tools used to tend the soil, unlock its nutrients and bring forth the beauty within it.” – Ashley Null (Reformational Anglicanism)


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