Mission Statement: The mission of the Confessional Anglicans (also know as the Anglican Miscreants, or Lutheran Anglicans) is to unite under the inspiration and principles of the Protestant Reformation, mostly through the influence of Martin Luther (Lutheranism) and Thomas Cranmer (Anglicanism). We have a special love for our brothers from Geneva. Although we have many differences, we still hold to the Reformational principle that we are saved unconditionally, completely apart from any works of our own. Our faith is completely a gift from God. We believe that where the word of God is taught and the sacraments rightly administered, there you will find the church.

NOTE: We are not an official ministry, and do not belong to any denomination. This website is for everyone who loves the Gospel, or is at least curious about the pure Gospel truth as expressed from the early church past the Reformation. You do not need to believe every one of these items in order to love the content on this website. This is just an articulation of my beliefs as the site administrator.


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