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Robert A. Kolb is one of the foremost Lutheran scholars of this generation. He has taught in over 40 educational institutions throughout the world. He is the author of several books on Luther and Lutheran Theology. Some of his best known works are The Genius of Luther’s Theology, The Christian Faith: A Lutheran Exposition, and Martin Luther and  the Enduring Word of God.


“The Christian understanding of Original Sin is not so much an assignment of blame it an accusation as it is an accurate assessment of the human condition. It affirms that we are born subject to that death which is the wages of sin and that, from our first infantile and childish actions on, we habitually turn inward to protect ourselves instead of trusting in our God. This means we are in rebellion against God.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“God called the world into being through his word. He continues to work in his powerful word as it comes to us in several forms, written, oral and sacramental. In whichever of these forms the word of recreation and new life first confronts us, it does the task God designed it to do. It brings those who are dead in trespasses and sins into new life in Christ.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Any attempts to diminish the decisive nature of the one Baptism which God gives to his people through water and the Word must be resisted, whether those attempts spring from Pentecostal or Charismatic sources emphasizing a ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’ apart from the Spirit’s regeneration of his people through the washing of Baptism, or from ‘Evangelical’ Baptist sources which turn Baptism into a human commitment, or from traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox sources, which refocus attention on confirmation and other rites of the church as also decisive events in the joining of the relationship between God and his people.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Infant Baptism makes sense only to those who believe that God’s recreation power is lodged in his word and that he creates and recreates according his merciful will without setting any condition for human contribution. God did not ask the dust whether it wanted to become Adam and Eve. Our parents do not ask us whether we would like to become their children. Creation and birth take place quite apart from the will of creature or the child. God gives us our new identity as his children through this new birth, and as a result of his choosing us to be members of his family, we grow up into children who love and trust him. The word creates, bestows, and elicits the relationship in his human children which exhibits itself first of all in faith. Faith does not create the relationship. His promise precedes our acceptance of the promise.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“God sustains the relationship which he has established in any and every case.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“His promise precedes our acceptance of the promise.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“God creates disciples. He does so through human agents, who bring his word to recreate those whom he has chosen to be his disciples.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Baptism is the dew which freshens each day of our lives, the cleansing and healing rain which renews a barren landscape, the gush and flow of the irrigation canal which rescues the dying in this world’s desert and gives them new life.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Baptism is an expression of the Gospel. It cannot be separated from the power of the Holy Spirit nor from a life which has been reorient ed toward God. For God’s baptismal action refocused all of the baptized’s life on him through that trust which determines the course and the nature of life for human creatures. Baptism is the Spirit’s tool for bringing sinners into death with Christ in his tomb and bringing them into the new life of the reborn children of God. That is the message of the New Testament regarding Baptism.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Sometimes God’s law or plan for human life needs to external input to bring people to the conviction that their old god’s are false. At other times Christians are called to be hit men for our Lord, to help people see the inadequacies of their false gods. This task of bringing God’s law to bear on those who are secure in their false trusts is often difficult. It demands great sensitivity to know when to speak and when not to speak. It requires patience, the patience of years of friendship in which no crisis disturbs the false peace created by false gods.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“Words of Gospel can be properly and correctly heard only by those who already understand the inadequacy of their false objects of trust.” – Robert Kolb (Make Disciples Baptizing)

“The Baptized child of God has received the promise that he or she is not determined by the past, nor by the he hate and envy and cruelty of others. Our identity as the children of God is not determined by the wind and weather, by fate or luck, or the likes and dislikes or even the most important people in our lives.” – Robert Kolb (Making Disciples Baptizing)

“Christians come with the promise that physical death can be only an interlude between this life and the life of triumph which Christ has won for his people in resurrection.” – Robert Kolb (Making Disciples Baptizing)


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