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Below are a list of quotes from various Episcopal/Anglican preachers and theologians.


“Forgiveness is always substitutionary. What was once the debt of the servant is now the bad debt of the king. What was once a word I should not have spoken or an action I should not have taken is now the insult borne or the pain absorbed by somebody else when they forgive me.” – Justyn Terry (The Forgiveness of Sins and the Work of Christ)

“Can you take the very worst situation of your life, the lowest point to which you have ever seen yourself sink, and still believe that God is reaching towards you? In extremes God is there. It is easy to say this in the abstract. But in the concrete hell of a personal box canyon, it is a genuine tractor beam of fathomless light.” – Paul Zahl (The Collects of Thomas Cranmer)

“The love of God is the only salve for the vanity of life. True satisfaction is found not in pleasure but at the foot of the cross of Christ. It is the place where our pursuit of meaning and purpose finds its death, and where true meaning is born and freely given.”  – Todd Brewer

“Christianity is a faith in which we do nothing and God does everything. He is the one who humbles, who restores, and who brings forth fruit, often in the same breath. He brings us to our knees and gives us the strength to withstand persecution. Through it all, our need for a savior never wanes, nor does his readiness and willingness to save.”  – R-J Heijman

“A lot of times in my Christian walk, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t hear from God. People around me constantly talk about how the “holy spirit” is speaking to them. Here I was twiddling my thumbs asking him to give me some divine wisdom or personal victory against sin. It took many years for me to realize that he speaks to me every day in the sweet words of his gospel. He speaks grace and forgiveness to us in his body and blood shed for us on the cross, something that he reminds us of by delivering himself – flesh and blood in the form of bread and wine to us each and every week. He speaks his love and grace to us in the waters of his holy baptism, where the old self is completely drowned and the new creation is raised to new life. I guess I’ve learned to be content to hear from God in the preaching of the gospel, and the administering of the sacraments. I’m thankful for these tangible proofs of my salvation.” – Matthew Kroelinger

“His mercy does not depend on context. It does not depend on you. It depends only on He, Himself. So wherever you are this morning, whatever you’re going through, there is a way forward. And it has to do with the One, the only One who, while we are faithless, is faithful. Amen.” – David Zahl

We can all use a rest on God’s lap. God loves you so much that
he became love in a human form. And although you can never be worthy to be the
unqualified object of his love, you absolutely are– through no goodness of your
own and in your most vulnerable, emotionally mixed-upedness. And that
is very good news indeed. Amen. – Marilu Thomas

“Since Adam, being free to choose, Chose to imagine he was free To choose his own necessity…” – W.H. Auden

“Lord, I did not freely choose you
‘Til by grace you set me free;
For my heart would still refuse you,
Had your love not chosen me” – Josiah Conder

“Love is that liquor sweet and most divine, which my God feels as blood; but I, as wine.” – George Herbert

“Anglicans have always been conscious of the interwoven and paradoxical relationship between worship and theology. How a person worships not only flows from what the person really believes, but how a person worships ultimately helps form what that person really believes.” – John Howe (Our Anglican Heritage)

“The Holy Trinity, therefore, symbolizes, focuses, and points to that glorious and saving mystery of God which is the sole source of our faith, the whole promise of our hope, and the full enticement of our love. God as Holy Trinity is God the universal Father and source of all being and all blessing who is greater than great— transcendent over all. Yet this same God as Son and Savior is one with us in the particularity of our flesh and blood to overcome that which separates us from God’s glory and love. The God who is greater than great is, in a down-to-earth way, more loving than love. And it is this same transcendent and down-to-earth God who is available at all times and in all places as the Holy Spirit who is both freely transcendent and yet closer than close— available at the very heart of each one of us and as the bond of sharing and empowering between us.” – David Jenkins (quoted in The Cruelty of Heresy)

“Of all horrible religions, the most horrible is the worship of the god within. Anyone who knows anybody knows how it would work; …that Jones shall worship the God within turns out ultimately to mean that Jones shall worship Jones. Let Jones worship the sun or moon, anything rather than the Inner-Light; let Jones worship cats or crocodiles, if he can find any in his street, but not the god within.” – G.K. Chesterton

“The line between good and evil does not run clearly between them and us, but through each person.” – Vaclav Havel

“Christians believe that God lowered Himself to the limits of humanity, and made Himself known, not in the heights of human ambition, but in the depths of pain, sin and death. The fact that God came down while we’ve struggled “up” shows us the futility of the Babel Project. Why? Because God’s not there. If you want to climb upward for God, the only hill to climb is Calvary, where we find religious death—the end of our climbing ambition—and true, abiding rest.” – Ethan Magness

“And when my heart must languish
Amidst the final throes,
Release me from min anguish
By thine own pain and woe.”
– Paul Gerhardt

“When we open our eyes as babies we see the world stretching out around us; we are in the middle of it…I am the center of the world I see; where the horizon is depends on where I stand…Some things hurt us; we hope they will not happen again; we call them bad. Some things please us; we hope they will happen again; we call them good. Our standard of value is the way the things affect ourselves. So each of us takes his place in the center of his own world. But I am not the center of the world, or the standard of reference as between good and bad; I am not, and God is.” – Archbishop William Temple

“Everyone is searching for you, Lord. Thank you that You are searching for me.” – Paul N. Walker


*If you would like to add any quotes, feel free to get in touch with me so we can keep this page updated. 


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